I’m at work and I all I want is cookies but I’d interrupt the guest speaker for the sake of me eating a cookie.

Working on the first really pretty day is so upsetting

Kitten in the Hat - Turquoise
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I recorded the song i sang in that video like a few days ago and yea this song is fun


When I saw you in that dress

It made me think about ballerinas

Painted in a neutral hue

that I saw two years ago.

It made me feel like never returning back to my home.

It blew open up my mind

and made me feel lost.

something about the color turquoise 

makes me want to explode.

(noises you make at the dentist’s office) x100000

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okay clay i added more to the beginning of this song i wrote at joes and this might be our fastest song. 

my parents went to bed just as i was about to record a really fast wild chorus. stupid parents. 


Mr. T Mobile